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Wasser WH-506 A Single Point Gas Water Heater

Harga : Rp. 1.541.000
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       Wasser WH-506 A Adalah Pemanas air yang hadir dengan desain yang stylish dan menyatukan konsep keselamatan dan Efisiensi. Modal baru ini dilengkapi dengan beberapa sistem keamana seperti sistem Deteksi Oksigen, Sistem Kegagalan api, pembatas panas, dan banyak lagi. 

Features :

  • ODS Sistem : Automatically Cut The Gas Flow in Case of Oxygen deficiency to protect the user from carbon dioxide poisoning
  • Flame Failure Safety Device : The unit shuts down the gas flow when there is no flame 
  • Overheat Protector : Protects the internal Parts of water heater from overheating
  • Water Pressure Limiter : Water Will Flow out From Disposal valve when the incoming water Pressure is too high
  • Battery indicator : Show When The battery is too weak to start the ignition 
  • Auto Cut-Off : water heater will turn off after 20 minutes of contiuous operation. To reset it, just closed the water flow and turn it back on
  • Water Filter : Filter the water heater from unwanted particles
  • Available in LPG and LNG version
length 290 mm
Width 170 mm
Height 402 mm
Weight 5.0 Kg
Capacity 5.0 lpm
Min. Pressure 0.2 Kgf/cm
Gas Consumption 0.46 Kg/hour

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